Atmosphere – Lighting

We have also have lighting directors for your wedding party, we are giving a glamorous note to your evening and reserving many surprises to your guests. The lighting entertainment team of Dj Creations is at your disposal with imaginative suggestions of coloring the dance floor and every point of the venue that is need it, original ideas of architectural uplighting and many twists in the... place, in any case the leading role will remain... yours!

party gamou sto spiti

Uplighting venue

Your fantastic day has to be planned up to the smallest detail, the Dj Creations team proposes imaginative ideas for the general lighting of the reception area, which will act as architectural tricks, will highlight parts of the space and will contribute to the creation of a suitable atmosphere. The entrance, the tables of the guests, but also the surrounding area are the ideal "canvas" for impressive up lighting applications!

fotismos pistas dancefloor lights 1

Dance floor lighting for wedding

The appropriate lighting of the dance floor is an "ally" of the music vibe of the event, so it is advisable that it be implemented by the same team. The experienced light engineers of Dj Creations put on the dance floor lighting and harmoniously accompany the evening with a spectacular look. With motion lighting suggestions (that maintain the beat or atmospheric mood), as well as static ambient lighting, all the lights will be up on you and your guests.

String Lighting

Another romantic lighting proposal is string lighting or lighting with garlands or with lanterns that are placed on the ceiling of the venue either on open sky above the heads of your guests. Depending on the concept you choose for the whole evening, the light engineers of Dj Creations will suggest the ideal solution that will... illuminate the evening highly atmospherically and spectacularly!

Φωτιζόμενα γράμματα για γάμο

Wedding Letters

This is a trend that is gaining more and more future spouses. The initials of your names, words or phrases are transformed into impressive lighting elements and are the ideal welcome for your guests, while at the same time they are an excellent opportunity to give your own personalized touch to the space.