Couple's entrance

This is your night, the lights are on you, so are the looks and you have to make a spectacular entrance! The Dj Creations team takes care of this with special effects and spectacular ideas:

Wedding monogram - Wedding entrance

Imagine your monograms, the date of your weddings, your favorite song lyric or the quote that expresses you, illuminated in a distinct spot, visible to all guests. The monogram projection is a special effect that will give a personalized character to the space which will appear just before your entrance, but remain throughout the event. 

We can recommend the ideal gobo projection (with a specific concept, the font, as well as background), to advise you on what is the ideal viewing point of the monogram and to implement your idea. All you have to do is enjoy together with your guests.


Dancing on clouds

Your favorite song marks a lot for your relationship. Choosing it as your first dance takes you to that magical moment when you felt you were flying in the... Clouds. We give you the opportunity to dance on the clouds with one of the most impressive results that newlyweds love:

Dry ice (completely harmless, not chemical and ideal only for indoor spaces) will create a dreamy setting that will make you feel unique and will give a wonderful spectacle to your guests.


Aerial fireworks

If your event takes place in an open space, amazing aerial fireworks are an effect that will surely move everyone and will be the only moment when the guests will turn their glance somewhere else except you! The Dj Creations team has certified and experienced pyro technicians to propose you a highly delightful eye proposal that will meet all safety standards and will surely impress everyone.

Floor fireworks or Dancefloor sparklers

Alternatively, the DJ Creations team suggests solutions for indoor and also for outdoor areas as well, (some venues for safety reasons do not allowed aerial fireworks) offering you floor fireworks services when you enter the reception area or at any time considered suitable for... a Grande climax. And in this case, each of our proposals is completely safe and will trigger only positive comments from everyone!

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