Wedding DJ

Do you remember the last time you really had fun when it was? We will help you to experience it again in your unique way at your wedding reception party! As we usually say, while everything can be forgotten, an evening with undiminished fun and fully packed dancefloor will remain indelible to everyone!

The top and most talented wedding djs have the experience and the knowledge to make your party unique. Our goal is to have fun the whole process. That's why we listen to your needs, we advise you based on your own preferences and we prepare an entertainment plan that will respond to what you have dreamed of.

That is why we listen to your needs, advise you based on your own preferences and prepare an entertainment plan that will meet your dreams. You will choose the mood of the party based on the music you listen to. We will advise you, give you smart and disruptive ideas and implement everything you decide with perfect equipment, consistency, professionalism and responsibility.

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Wedding Band


If you want to offer your guests a live experience, we have many creative ideas! Dj Creations is staffed by experienced professional musicians who will add a glamorous and alternative touch to your event.



Dj Creations works with top performers who can accompany the mealtime with smooth sounds or even play back to back with the Dj. You have everything you imagined: from saxophonists and percussionists to violinists to harpists and guitar players etc.

We are at your disposal to suggest tailor made proposals that will suit your aesthetics. Our bet is that everyone will have an unforgettable time: you, your relatives and your guests (and not stop dancing until the morning). As those who have worked with us claim, we always succeed!